New Release


Our next 75mm Mini

C-48 Roy is a Cyborg 

 Scavenging through the Wastelands.


RRP 35€

New Release

Our new Savage Days Bust The Baron is ready to pre Order now.


RRP 33€



New Release 

Hallo everybode, I am happy to show you our first 1/35 scale miniature in the 

New Savage Days Apoc range.


Badtime Bust

back in stock.


Painted by Christian Weiß

Our Little Devil Inside painted by Jhon Knight.

New Release Oktober 2K16

Masseversieber Sculpting Workshop

Hey Guys,
This message for the non- German speakers: it is also possible to attend our workshop if you can speak English.
Attendees will receive: 1 pack of Beesputty, 1 sculpting tool, 1 wooden block, wire for the armature and also a resin cast copy of the demonstration miniature.
The workshop is on 28/10/16 until 30/10/16 
and is held in Hamburg.
Please if you require more information feel free to message me and I will answer ASAP. Also if you wish to purchase a ticket: message Martin Hille for details.
Thank you,


DennisZarnowksi – Savage Forged Minis…

MartinHille – Kellerkind Miniaturen…/


Was passiert im Kurs?
Hoffentlich nichts schlimmes Aber wir wollen die zur Verfügung stehende Zeitdafür nutzen, eine 32mm Figur zu modellieren. Daher werden wirgleich Freitag Abend damit beginnen, uns eine Drahtarmatur zurechtzubiegen, diese anschließend auf einem Sockel befestigen und erste Details mit Modelliermasse aufbringen. Die folgenden beiden Tage werden wir versuchen, die Figur so weit wie möglich zuvervollständigen. Die Modelliermasse, die wir hierbei benutzen, ist ein sogenanntes Polymerputty, das zum Aushärten gebacken wird. 
Der komplette Arbeitsablauf wird Schritt für Schritt erläutert und eventuell auftretende Fragen werden von den beiden Kursleitern direkt an der Miniatur im persönlichen Gespräch beantwortet. Sollte die Figur am Ende dieses Wochenendes nicht ganz fertig geworden sein, ist das kein Beinbruch. Noch fehlende Details lassen sich im Anschluß an den Kurs aus dem mitgegebenen Handout nachvollziehen sowie anhand der an jedenTeilnehmer ausgegebenen Musterfigur (Resinguß) zu Hause ergänzen.

Termin und Örtlichkeit

Freitag, den 28.10.2016 bis Sonntag, den 30.10.2016
Die Örtlichkeit lautet wie folgt:

WuDao KungFu Schule
Horner Weg 282, 22111 Hamburg
Telefon 040) 65 99 22 44
Fax 040) 65 99 22 45

Savage Forge Minis new release

Lugo the Ogre cuts an intimidating profile. Quick tempered and short of wit like all his kind, you might be fooled into thinking he is a typical brute.
However this façade is only half the story, it covers a warm heart. Known as the “Gentle Giant” to his friends he protects the forest glades and faerie folk from those who would do it harm.

One of our biggest busts standing at a full 220mm tall from belly plate to tip of the club, or 185mm to the top of his head and weighing an impressive 1.3kg of the finest quality resin.
We are pleased to announce the release of “Lugo the Gentle Giant.” We've been teasing his release for a long while and he has been a real labour of love for our multiple award winning sculptor; Dennis Zarnowski.

Remember we are also running a competition where you can win a copy free of charge!




We are happy to announce that the biggest SFM bust ever produced is now in stock and ready for shipping!


Special thanks to Tuffskull Painting for this stunning paint job he did on this bad boy!!!


The bust itself is 220mm tall including the plinth which is cast on the bust making it one solid piece of resin.


Cheers SFM


Shop Update 27.08.15

Hey guys,


We are pleased to show our next 40mm release. This character is the monk inspired pig, Char Siu.


He comes with a narrative 40mm resin base,

and is available for order from today.


He is cast in the highest quality resin and will provide a fun painting challenge to both experienced and new painters.

I hope you like him!



Hey Guys, We are really excited to share this awesome paintjob of our Grumpy Bunny painted by Ziggy from miniature-design! Thanks alot Siggi!

Shop update

Happy to say the new SFM 32mm Heroic Apoc mercenary John is now in stock and ready for order.


Thanks ;-)

You can preorder Zepar The Fallen now.


He is a 220mm

1/4 scale solid resin



You get a 20% discount by preorder till



Awesome painted SFM Fantasy Bust 1/10 by the talented Simon Moon




Its a Trap........

Today I received some awesome pictures of this diorama built and painted by Siggi @

If you dont know his jet,go check out his awsome work.



New 1/10 scale fantasy bust in stock now.

38mm Mutant now in stock and ready for order...

Wip step by step of the next SFM miniature ;-)

I normally start with a 0,8mm wire and make an armature and stick it on piece of cork. Next step is adding epoxy putty followed with a thin layer of Fimo.

In the early stages I try to keep it loose and build up basic volumes but try not to go to far in to detailed work.

This is in case I have to change something later and would therefore have wasted any time I spent on details.

When I think I have the scale correct, detailing can be started, as well as neatening. The body was clean so I decided to bake him to secure my work. Next I started the head but the epoxy core was too big(sorry I forgot to get a picture of this.) so I cut the head off of and made a new one.

Once I baked the head I began making wire arms and adding clay.

The hat is made out of milliput.

Weapon Wire and epoxy putty (pro Create) same as the grey beads and the belt.......

stay tuned for more progress...

Cheers Dennis

What a cool little Diorama with our 1/48 Stalker. Made and painted by the talanted Simon Moon

New Benedikt Bust is ready for order now

Hey Guys,

her we have the first pictures of the new 32mm Heroic Mutant ;-)


Update: 16.04.2015


Evening everyone.
I am happy to show you my latest bust. Its a 70mm 1/10 scale Fantasy Bust.
Hope you like him.

he will be soon avalebl for order.

 Cheers Dennis from SFM

Hey Guys!!!
Like to show you some pics of a comission project i have done the past weeks.
Sculpted two carackter for the game Myth  by Mercs Miniatures.
It was a realy great project and so much fun to do. Also I like to thank Tom Mason from MERCS to get me in that.
Hope you like them much as me !!!

Its been a wile but I was realy bussy working on commisions .

FinalyI have the first casts done and new Miniatures  in stock

Update 22.02.15

The 1/48 Stalker is Finished. Hope i will find the time and start next week making the molds.

Hope you like him!



hope you have a good time and a chilled sunday.

I hade so much fun withe the 1/48 scale Stalker that I decide to do a nother 1/48 figure. this time its a Mutant.

Her some WIP pic´s.

Cheers Dennis

Studo/shop Update 17.02.15

I am realy happy to announce that 
we will have soon two new modells in stock.

It will be a 1/24 scale Stalker and
his litte brother a 1/48 scale stalker.

The 1/24 figure is 99% ready
just some little things to clean and two extra weapons.

So he will be molded and cast soon.
His litte bro is nearly finished to
and ready to get him casted.

Hey Guy´s
My mate Siggi Hauke send me some realy nice pictures of his painted version
of my Noctu the Bounty Hunter.
Hope you all like them much as Me.
Go checkout Siggis work on

So one more 70mm Pillow Girl Valerie for Knights Of Dice is done ;-)

Her some PIc´s of the final sculpt.

Hallo guys. Just spent some spare time I had on a little conversion of my Ma.K. Eddy Amzel figure.

New Release!!!

December Spacial The Litte Pixy


I wish every one a happy new Year and great 2015!!!

I already start my work in the studio on my first

2015 projects for the shop. It will be a great year with lods of new Busts and Figures.

So stay tuned!!!

Shop update 16.11.2014

Hey everyone i am proud to present you my latest alternative board game figures!

You can paint them and use them in any kind of traditional board game what uses avatars ore figures.

The models are 28mm tall to the top of the head and casted in high quality grey resin.

They are now avalabile  for orders.

I will also add different options in the shop so you can order,well lets say 4 of the same or single pieces. but that comes a bit later. or send me an email.


Cheers  your Savage Forged Minis

Shope Update 06.11.2014



I am proud to say my new Bust is now avalable!!!


that is Noctu a nast Bounty Hunter.

The bust is 65mm tall and willbe casted in one soled piece of resin.

Shop Update Oktober 2014

Hallo everyone i am proud to present you a new mini for
the SavageForgedMinis range...
The miniature is finished only the display base hase to be done.
Special thanks also to Martina Spitzner from Marvs Art and her nice concept .
hope you like that little Pixy.... the mini is 32mm to eye lv.
He will be soon available...

Good morning every one..

I am realy happy to say that One of the Savage Forged Minis won last weekend bronze at the Scale Model Challange...

Hey everyone.. i am happy to announce that we will have Amber and the Femal bust mid of next week in stock.

Studio Update... I am happy to say that a new Bust is finished and soon in stock.

The Bust comes in 2 parts.....

Hallo everyone.. I am happy to say we have a new minis comming soon.

It is that lovley Fary drawn by Martina keep your eye on it.


Cheers Savage Forged Minis


Shop update07.07.2014


Sonja is finaly finishe and in stock now. She is a 32mm Steampunk Western Lady.


Update 27.05.2014


The Afro Zombie is now in Stock :-)



W.I.P. Update 21.05.2014


Hallo guys her are some wip pic of the upcomming limited Warlord Ogre Bust.

The Bust will be casted in Resin .

He is 6 1/2 inch tall. so a big bad boy.

Still lots of things to do but i think he will be finished in the next couple weeks.


greets Dennis from Savage Forged Minis.

Update 20.05.2014


Afro Zombie is Finished to day and ready for Mold making.

The bust is expected next week in the online shop available.


Cheers Safage Forged Minis