Shading & Coloring with Dry Pigmen

by Sebastian"SimonMoon"Reschke

In this Tutorial I will try to explain and show you my way of shading and coloring with dry pigments. This is a Advanced level technique and I recommend to practice this technique first on some "you don't really care about" models to get the right feeling for applying and removing the pigments.

  • What you need for this technique:
    - Pigments of your choice
    - Container for pigments (if you want to mix pigments)
    - Old small brush
    - Q-tips
    - Some tap water
    Dip your completely dry brush in your pigments tap of the excess  to not flood the Mini with pigments. Than bring the brush first very light and gentle on the place you want the deepest shadows to be.
    If it looks like this you probably have way too much pigments on the brush.
    But don't worry you can simply blow most of it away
    Once the pigments are placed you can start to roughly fade them out towards the Light area. The more you brush over the pigments the more you brush them of. So you can play around with it until you happy with the result.
    You can also add another tone and blend it right on the model together.
    If you make any mistakes or you want to remove the pigments from some areas use pure tap water. If you want to leave it in small recesses but erase it from the "main surface" use a slightly moistened q-tip und twist it slightly over that area. For bigger erasing use moist brush.
    To fix it use spray varnish. I highly recommend for this Army Painters "Anti Shine Matt Varnish" (you should try other brands first on a test model to see if it affects the pigments).
    To coloring areas only with dry pigments you wipe of the brush on some kitchen towel after taping the excess off to make sure there are only a little bit of the pigments in the brush. Then just "paint" several times over the area you want to color. Use a bit pressure.
    Maybe you have to do this a couple of times to get the effect you looking for.
    Also you can of course use water to erase mistakes.
    So thats all folks! Have fun with it and keep on happy painting!